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We had two sets of graphs, one internal and one external - the latter had incorrect data. We have since updated the charts to reflect the 4S' actual performance. Sorry for the mixup! GLBenchmark gets around vsync by rendering offscreen, so the 4S is allowed to run as fast as it can. Here we see a 6. It's obvious that GLBenchmark is designed first and foremost to be bound by shader performance rather than memory bandwidth, otherwise all of these performance increases would be capped at 2x since that's the improvement in memory bandwidth from the 4 to the 4S.

Most games won't be shader bound, instead they should be more limited by memory bandwidth. Thus far Epic has been using GPU performance improvements to make its games look better and not necessarily run faster although they do since the target is playability on all platforms.

What I wanted however was a true apples-to-apples comparison using Epic's engine as it is arguably the best looking platform to develop iOS games on today. Epic offers a free license to Unreal Engine 3 to anyone who wants to use it for non-commercial use. If you want to sell your UE3 based iOS game, you don't have to pay a large sum to license Epic's engine up front. It's a great deal for aspiring game developers since you get access to one of the best 3D engines around and don't need any additional startup capital to use it.

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If your game is a hit Epic gets a cut but you're still making money so all is good in the world. Epic actually offers a great deal of documentation on developing using UDK, making the whole process extremely easy. If you want Android support you'll have to pay to license the dev kit unfortunately.

14. Flight Control is still one of the best

Given how successful Infinity Blade has been under iOS, I suspect this is a move partially designed to keep Apple happy. What's that? A frame counter in iOS? The test shows us frame rate over the course of a flythrough of Epic's Citadel demo. This is simply the standard Citadel guided tour but with UE3's frame recording statistics enabled. Once again, UDK gave me the tools needed to accurately profile what was going on.

For developers this would be helpful in tuning the performance of your app, but for me it gave me the one thing I've been hoping for: You're looking at frame render time in ms, so lower numbers mean better performance.

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  4. 15. Canabalt is a masterful side scrolling "jumper" game!
  5. Notice how the iPhone 4S graph seems to remain mostly flat for the majority of the benchmark run? That's because it's limited by vsync. At 60Hz the frame render time is capped to The 4S could likely run through this demo even quicker or maintain the same speed with a heavier graphical workload if we had a way to disable vsync in iOS. On the iPhone 4 however, frame times are significantly higher - more than 2x on average.

    Would upgrading to iPhone 5s help game la… - Apple Community

    You also see significant spikes in frame time, indicating periods where the frame rate drops significantly. Not only does the 4S offer better average performance here but its performance is far more consistent, hugging vsync rather than wildly bouncing around. The chart below summarizes the two graphs above by looking at the average frames rendered per second throughout the benchmark:. The iPhone 4S averages 2.

    I believe this gives us a more realistic value than the 6x we saw in GLBenchmark. Canabalt is part art, part game. Tap the screen to make your character jump over pits and valleys. Featuring a spooky but futuristic soundtrack, a monochromatic color palette, and addicting gameplay, Canabalt is one of the simplest but most fun iPhone games. Featuring pristine graphics and pulse-pumping eventually gameplay, Flight Control is one of the first great iPhone games, and still one of the best. Drag planes, helicopters, and jumbo jets onto the appropriate landing zones.

    Just make sure they don't crash or cross paths too closely. World Of Goo is intimidatingly strange looking from the get go, but it's one of the games that sticks with us the most.

    Infinity Blade 3 iPhone 4 iOS 7 Final Public HD Gameplay Review

    In World Of Goo, you drag goo balls into imaginative formations to build bridges, towers, and more. There are tons of levels, and even a brilliant multiplayer aspect that pits your tallest towers against others around the world. This game packs in all the original levels, skaters, and special moves like "The NBA Jam might be the best basketball experience on iPhone.

    Infinity Blade III app – Free for limited time

    Featuring all your favorite players, a great control scheme, and stupendous dunks, this game's a winner. Tiny Wings is one of those "easy to learn, difficult to master" games that will suck all the spare time out of your life. Touch the screen with your finger and the bird dives. Do your best to launch him off of every hill with as much speed as possible. It's difficult to stop playing this game. Tiger Woods is the best and most realistic golf game for iPhone. It's tough to master, feature a lengthy campaign mode, and all your favorite golfers. The control scheme is spot on. There are some great multiplayer modes built in, plus "closest to the pin" challenges with your Facebook friends.

    It's like Tap Tap Revenge, but much more stylish, more fluid, and more creative. And the graphics are eye-poppingly cool. If you're looking for a console-quality space exploration, trading, and battling game, Galaxy On Fire 2 is the game for you. The game is massive, and there are tons of upgrades and places to go for RPG fanatics.

    Mixing great multiplayer modes with flashy visuals and great control schemes, N.