where are downloaded files stored in nokia lumia 520

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While you pull up with the suction cup, gently pry the case away from the display assembly with a plastic opening tool. Open the phone just enough to reveal the metal bracket covering the home button cable, remove it with tweezers, and pry the connector up from its socket. Lift the front end of the display away from the rear case, using the top of the phone as a hinge. Now, just free the display from the rest of the phone. Locate the metal bracket at the top righthand corner of the 5-series iPhone 5, 5c, 5s , and remove the four screws that anchor it in place.

Use your plastic opening tool to disconnect the cables underneath. Then, install your new display, reconnect the cables and reassemble the phone. Open the phone, reconnect the cable, check the rest of your connections and try again. With your new screen installed, you can brag to your friends about your DIY repair prowess. We are a global community of people helping each other repair things. Our mission is to make repair accessible and easy for as many people around the world as possible.

The easier it is to fix something, the more people will do it. Interested in finding out more about how you can live better? The Live Better Challenge is funded by Unilever; its focus is sustainable living. All content is editorially independent except for pieces labelled advertisement feature. Find out more here. Plastic opening tools Small suction cup Phillips screwdriver Spudger Pentalobe screwdriver iPhone display assembly Egg carton Tweezers Do your research Every iPhone model is different, and some generations are more difficult to fix than others. Not sure if you're covered? See other iPhone repair pricing.

The out-of-warranty prices apply only to repairs made by Apple. Apple Authorized Service Providers may set their own prices. All fees are in US dollars and are subject to tax. Accidental damage isn't covered by the Apple warranty. Each incident has a service fee or a deductible, depending on your plan. Genuine Apple Parts are critical to a quality repair.

Visit an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to make sure you get your product back working the way it should.

This is how Apple repairs broken iPhone screens

Read the Apple Limited Warranty Learn more about consumer law Update your proof-of-purchase Check your warranty status. Thank God! Hello JiveKooly! I literallly had this same exact situation just happen to me! And the day after my phone fell out of my pocket onto the floor and the screen cracked iPhone 7 I received my lifeproof case in the mail. I was just curious what number you called, I am hoping they will be understanding of this as apple care plus was not offered to me when I upgraded and had I known about it I would have got it for sure!

I have a similar situation.

What to expect

What do I do?? Thats not always the case. They can replace the glass or give you a replacement phone. Its up to them. Do you think if I take it back to the dealer they will feel sorry for me and give me an new car for free, or will I have to buy another one? Actually, he was funny. And you lucked out and probably got the tech screwed. Be careful with your thousand dollar device, geeeeez. You can try to add Applecare, but you usually are going to have to bring the phone into the Apple retail location to get the Applecare added.

I never buy the insurance sold by my cell phone carrier cause I see it as a rip off.. My daughter received an iPhone as a gift for her 11th birthday, but three days later dropped it and cracked the screen. My wife decided to take the damaged phone to the nearest Apple Store and very nicely ask if Apple could make any accommodation. Also, the amount of goodwill Apple created that day with me was worth a large multiple of the normal screen repair cost: So that excuse that kids need cellphones to learn is an excuse she has a nabi 2 tablet and that teaches everything you need to know.

Did you have AppleCare? So I accidently made a small crack on my iPad mini a few days ago, and this morning after putting it in under my pillow there are a lot of cracks. I checked and the replacement is practically the same as buying a new one.

1. Check Your Warranty Status

What would be the pros and cons of replacing the screen with someone unrelated to Apple? He let a drunk lady take off his screen protector and when she reapplied it, it had dust, crumbs and hair trapped underneath it. Finally took the protector off after a few days and the screen has gradually stopped working.

Does he need a new phone or can the screen be replaced? So my daughter dropped her 6s that she got in Dec and completely shattered the screen to the point their are shards of glass falling from it and now the screen is completly black. My question is do you think having the glass screen replaced would fix the problem or would the LCD and digitizer need to be replaced?

I feel if it needs all that repair maybe making an insurance claim wold be the cheaper route. Any thoughts? So my phone screen is cracked…. Thank you so much for this info. My ex boyfriend bought my iPhone from a friend that cellphones. I thought I lost hope until my best friend told me that apple can fix my screen. I rather pay quality instead of regretting. I love my phone. My little brother dropped my iPad Air, and the screen cracked.

Would Apple replace the screen, and if so, how much would I expect to pay? Apple has changed their policy on voided warranty. If you take your device to get fixed from a non-Apple repair centre, your warranty will NOT be voided automatically. It will only be voided if the repair causes other damage. Hi scotty. I have an iphone 5S with a shattered screen, but my rear camera is also non functional.

The issues have no correlation, and the device is still under the one year warranty. Can i have it replaced free of charge? It just dropped and got cracked screen. I can feel my phone getting messages and emails, butnothing comes up. I have applecare. Would this be considered just a screen problem or is there another issue that must be fixed?

Hi, what about a non-Apple shop that uses Apple parts? I left my Ipad Air protected in a case on the seat in the car overnight and when I got it I noticed a in hairline crack in the corner of the glass. What do I do? Hey guys, if Apple voids out your warranty because you brought it to a 3rd party and replaced a your screen, there is a little thing called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is the federal law that governs consumer product warranties. Passed by Congress in , the Act requires manufacturers and sellers of consumer products to provide consumers with detailed information about warranty coverage.

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In addition, it affects both the rights of consumers and the obligations of warrantors under written warranties. Think of it this way. You buy a new car and put after market tires and rims on it. Does that void out the warranty on your car? No it does not. Apple just added something about this to their warranty page.. Will even go as far as to refund your money.. Its on the website as well.

The form must be filled out by the customer not an Apple employee. A third party cracked display replacement does not void your warranty, as long as no other parts internally have been touched inside the device. I get your analogy, but think about it like this: And then you have to put it all back together. I then dropped in a puddle for a second.. I tried with my phone but cant fix that so I sold my mobile on webuyback.

iPhone Screen Repair

A lot of this info is right, but there are some points that are incorrect. The main point that is incorrect is that if you bring a device with a cracked display in for another issue for in warranty coverage, you do have to pay for the display either pay for the device swap at the cost of the display or pay for the display before we can do a repair.

There are two reasons for this: Accidental damage is not covered under the warranty. Think the FRS or Genius working with you can just overlook it and help you out by swapping it out and ignoring the cracked display? Once they see the device you swapped out has accidental damage, that gets noted as a misclassification and you get to have the fun conversation with leadership about why you lied.

Get into the habit of doing this and you risk your job. I called apple they said i did not qualify to get the apple care but that i was still under the 1 year warranty. Do you think I can get my ipad pro replaced with a shattered screen? Hay im from india and i bought a iphone 7 in a local store and it is locked to UK network EE I searched many websites for ESN check and they show that the iphone is blacklisted and my screen is broken what should i do Should i take it to a authorised apple store??

I had this iPad ever since I was a freshman in high school. Now mind you I have dropped it a few times before and nothings ever happened. Cement, wood, tile. Well the one you would least expect Carpet! I mean seriously come on!! Seriously carpet. Not in the drive in cement, wood or tile but carpet.

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Well this is the first device of mine I have ever broken! Now for an anyone know if like the genius phone repair fixes iPad screens to?? So does anyone know? Any ideas please?!?! No Im sorry they wont repair the screen on those. Be sure to back it up before you take it to Apple or you may lose some of your stuff. I have an iphone 6 plus which is still under warranty, It hangs every now and then and i have to reboot, I bought it in Oklahoma but am currently out of the country and wont be back till end of April. I wish to do an upgrade to an 7plus, Will Apple allow me to andhow much extra will it cost me?

Hi I dropped my phone enough hardly on the floor to get both screen and glass in a bad situation. The guy at apple told me they cannot check it before the screen is repaired. By experience do you think there can be big chances of other damages? My IPhones LCD got destroyed when it fell and cracked does this go under the screen only category or whole device? Terrible advice.

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  • It makes absolutely no sense to pay more for a screen replacement from Apple than it would to buy a used or refurbished device. Totally agree with you DoBiddly! These replacements typically come with a 90 day warranty. You can replace it yourself by using the screen replacement kit. My phone works well now. Here is the link: If your iPhone is out of warranty, Puls is a really great repair option. Here I am 8 months later and I dropped my phone and shattered my screen.

    Would this fall under a Non related issue? Could I get it replaced for free?