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Tethering on UK Networks: Which Mobile Networks Allow You To Tether?

This provides two benefits. First, this added insulation provides extra protection to the stranded copper wire that transmit the signals from your camera to your computer. In other words, it stands up better to kinks, knots, and people stepping on your cable. Call it added insurance.

Second, it provides greater shielding on the wires itself to prevent signal interference or noise in the transmission. Many manufactures are able to make and sell cables cheaply by hitting the minimum require specifications for a cable. The TetherPro Cables are designed specific to the highest spec possible for that particular cable and connection. What that means is if the spec calls for a Ferrite Bead that round part found at the end of some cables or gold-plated connectors, then you can rest assured that the TetherPro cable has it.

How to Properly Care for your Tethering Cables. How many of the Active Extension cables can I string together without worrying about signal loss?? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Stay connected with Tether Tools monthly newsletter and be the first to know about new content on Tether Talk, Tether Tools product releases and special industry events. If you know where you will be located, you can check this map and see which carriers have base stations closest to you.

SIM cards can be bought at many places: You can try Google Translate for navigating their websites. Nevertheless, the many options that you have on a Polish SIM can be quite confusing to foreigners. SIM cards are sold in all sizes.

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Tethering and VoIP are available without any additional cost on all operators. All Polish operators decline credit or debits cards from out of the country for top-ups on their website. In Poland you should go to shops and kiosks instead that sell recharges all over starting at 5 PLN. This ban makes it hard to keep a SIM card alive from out of the country as most SIMs need to be topped up once a year not to be suspended.

Credit validity varies between providers and often depends on the top-up amount. Since July you are required to register your SIM card in order to use it.

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In Poland they will rarely, but usually never accept a drivers license as proof of ID. The minimum age for registration is 13 years of age. It's still possible to buy a prepaid starter set without showing your ID, however your SIM card won't be activated unless registered. Places where cards can be registered differ depending on the operator. Often some small kiosks sell SIM cards, but are unable to register them. That's why it's recommended to go directly to an operator's store instead, which are located in towns and shopping centers.

For all operators maps of registration points are linked. Better stay away from Polish SIM cards sold on the internet on someone else's name as they can be suspended when detected. All major operators apply some surcharges even on the "roam like at home" RLAH allowance. Furthermore, the RLAH limit is very small, because of very low domestic rates and free top-up bonuses which can't be used for roaming. Be aware that when we talk about a "EU roaming cap" or "Roam like at home allowance" included in Polish plans. This is very small and will be surcharged unlike in other countries of this wiki.

Polish EU roaming rates are now more expensive than in neighboring countries and it doesn't pay off to take a Polish SIM card for roaming to another EU country. Play, owned by P4, used to be the smallest of the 4 network operators in Poland. Play Coverage Map click on "internet". Play customers using most tariffs are allowed to roam for free on other Polish networks in places without own coverage. From access to Plus network will be blocked in all of country. Play has one of the most confusing SIM card portfolios in Europe.

They have different tariff lines with different add-ons and default rates. Their SIM card can be bought at kiosks, petrol stations and other points of sale: Play Store Locator. If you want to be sure, that your SIM is registered at the point of sale, go to a branded Play store and show your ID. Registration takes place at all Play stores, Ruch kiosks and postal offices see map.

Recharge vouchers are available at service stations, supermarkets, and many other places starting 5 PLN up to PLN. Card is valid for 10 days. Default data rate is high PLN 1. They don't include bonus data. You need to add a data package see below. This different product line can be used with same starter. Default internet is free, unlimited, but capped at slow 32 kbps. To prolong, you have to recharge which gives you included bonus for data:. Bonuses can't be used for international roaming. Top-up bonuses contains free Facebook and rollover if you top-up, befor end of old package.

For more high-speed data you need to add a package see below. Maximal speed is 15 Mbps for download and 5 Mbps for upload for this tarrif. To restore full speed, buy data feature pack. Packages contains rollover, if you select auto-renew version. To stop, type code and replace 1 by 2 at last digit.

From March a new packages are introduced. This promotion is available for the plans: This plan caused a revolution in the Polish market when it was introduced in All top-ups stay valid indefinitely as long as one recharge is done per year. All packages will also stay valid "forever" until they are used up. You can add bundles for voice and these two data packages:.

Three UK Quietly Removes Tethering Caps from 4G Mobile Plans

Packages are more expensive than on other plans, but never expire. Overage fee is low 0. If you don't use the SIM card for 12 months, it will be terminated thereafter. Special EU roaming packages are sold for this plan that are valid indefinitely too see EU roaming below.

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Default data rate stays at very low 0. This prepaid plan can't be changed to other plans. It comes in different starter packs with an allowance for the start with only-SIM or with dongle:. Default data rate is a very low 0. To add more data, you need to top-up these amounts, which you receive bonus:. All packages contains rollover, if you top-up, before end of package. All these "unlimited" add-ons auto-renew and must be stopped by replacing 1 by 2 as last digit in the code.

Be aware, you cannot mix up cyclic packages, for example: Play starts with new promotion, which you'll get free package of internet. Promotion is valid to 30th April If you activate promotion by Play24 app "Darmowy internet" , you'll receive 10 per month up to 30 GB with roll-over. You can't use this package in EU roaming. It was created in September and similar to Folx, it offers hybrid prepaid plans. Their app is geo-restricted and can only be found in the Polish Play and App stores. Then create a personal account and link it to you credit card foreign cards are accepted.

I want this number. Then select delivery of the card. The best way is have it delivered to a Play shop. Bring your ID or passport to this store. You'll pay 5 PLN for start-up, which will be added to your account. At last scan QR code on your starter kit by app and enable subscription. You can suspend your subscription anytime, but then you can only receive calls and SMS. If you don't re-activate your subscription for 3 months, your SIM card will be terminated.

If you overuse your data allowance, data will be cut off. You can activate multiple packages this way. Your standing balance can be used for everything what is charged additionally like international calls, roaming or add-on packages. It's not a MVNO as it belongs to Play and sold at their stores as a different brand aimed at the urban youth. You can migrate to RedBull Mobile from Play's tariff for free. Default data is free, but speed is throttled to 32 kbps. All top-ups are valid for 1 year and don't include bonus data.

You can buy these packages valid for 30 days:. If overuse, speed will be throttled to 32 kbps.

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To activate, use Play24 app. If overuse, data will be cut off! Take care, this plan works only in Poland and data transmission and MMS are limited to Play's own network while calls and SMS work on national roaming too. All international roaming is blocked. You can also activate free internet in promotion see above. Play has received approval from the regulator to opt out from the Roam like at Home scheme and changed the rules for EU roaming again see this site.

For data use beyond this cap and all permanent roaming of more than 4 months an additional surcharge of 0. If you have bought it at other places, check this manual in English how and where to register. It contains 6 GB for 14 days plus the start-up credit. Buy it in an Orange store or at a place where they can register it on your name. Many stores nationwide can do the registration for Orange. Top-up vouchers are widely available in supermarkets, newsstands, petrol stations, grocery stores, ATMs, ticket vending machines.

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  6. For top-up type: Bonuses can't be used for roaming. You can still use money from top-up for making calls, texting, transferring additional data at 0. If you top-up before end of another package, data will be rollover with new package. If validity of your bonus internet is over, you can get back your bonuses, if you top-up at 7 days after end of validity. When overused in all of packages and bonuses, speed will be throttled to 64 kbps.

    Then, you'll be charged by the default rate instead.

    In auto-renew version, with renewing you'll get 1 GB more than previous month. If overused, speed will be throttled to 64 kbps. This add-on package is valid to the end of main package. Default rate on Free is 0. Users of all Orange prepaid plans incl. If overuse data, speed will be throtted to 64 kbps. You can deactivate speed limit see above. Data can also roll-over with new package. To activate, send SMS A to Package cost 4. This package doesn't work in roaming. You can also change your SIM by visiting Orange shops.

    Nju mobile is the second brand of Orange in Poland and like Plush by Plus aimed at young people. They often have better promotions than the original Orange brand. Starter packs in mini and micro sizes are available in all Orange stores and further outlets. There are starters for 4, 5 or 20 PLN, each with the same credit pre-loaded valid for 30 days. Do the registration there registration points. Starters are from PLN giving different amounts of bonuses depending on promotion. Nju is one of the few brands whose topped up credit stays valid forever.

    You are only supposed to make one recharge per half year to keep your SIM plan alive. Default rate without a daily or weekly plan or a data pack is 0. Nju has daily and monthly combo plans with calls, texts and data:. If overuse, speed will be throttled to 64 kbps. All data will be charged at default rate. You can also come back to speed limit, by sending STOP to This package is for 31 days and will not auto-renew.

    You can activate 9 GB only, if you didn't use package in plans or if you use up allowances. Package can rollover, if you buy new one before end of validity an older.