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Whenever he eats the fruit there remains a hole and yumster moves there. When she eats a fruit, All the fruit with same color disappear from the screen. Download here Sudoku s60 v5 Fill the grid in each column as well as in each row and each block delimited with a thick line each numerical value 1 to 9 should be found one time.

Super KO Boxing 2. Featuring amazing cartoon animations and visuals, Super KO Boxing 2 offers gamers three game modes: Circuit, Versus, and Challenge. Pocket Parrot. Download here Pocket Parrot s60 v5. The Pocket parrot s60 v5 is a ultimate travel application. An interpreter in your pocket!

Free Downloads For All Nokia phones | s60 v5 | s60 v3 | s60 v2: 06/01/ - 07/01/

Pocket Parrot can Translate 28 languages. The text to Speech technology allows Pocket Parrot to actually speak. Micropool S Paint Studio. Download here Paint Studio s60 v5 This application is more than just a plain drawing tool. The pencil, drawing straight lines, ellipses, squares, a paint bucket and an eraser are available. It also have a 3 levels of thickness. You can redo operation and undo operations all the way. It also offers a 16 M color palette. The Pictures are saved as. If you want to save it on your memory card just edit it directly to your photos option and save it to your memory card.

Black Board. Download here Black board symbian s60v5 The Blackboard is cleared every time the application is started. The basic control buttons are info, chalk, sponge and exit. Chalk is of course used for drawing while the sponge or eraser tool is responsible for erasing your drawings. What is also cool is that the eraser leaves wet like trails simulating reality. Tune Wiki. Read what other people are saying about the song Use Tune Wiki 's music player offline.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D.

Win 7 Black. Labyrinth Lite. Download here Labyrinth Lite s60 v5 Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a ball by tilting a labyrinth.

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In the Lite version there are three Labyrinth worlds available wooden, garden and caramel. The different worlds affect on how the ball bounces, making the game more challenging. Download here apple theme nokia symbian s60v5 Size: Escape from the weapon X laboratory whike fighting an army of soldiers, maneuvering around security system and taking on the deadliest mutants from Wolverine's past.

Upgarde wolverine's powers by collecting mutagens, and strike the right balance between increased strenght and healing. Download here ipiano nokia symbian s60v5 iPiano is look like Pocket piano application. It gives you freedom to play and record your composition and save it. You can set as a ringtone too. With its user friendly instructor you can easily learn to play various songs. Mega Tower Assault. Mega Tower Assault game is very hard to finish a level even when playing in normal mode.

Windows Xp Red. Copter It. Download here Copter It s60 v5 A game where you fly the helicopter through the tunnel. Try to avoid hitting the walls and dodge the obstacles. Try to make as far as you can and post your result to global results list and see who's the best! National Geographic. Download here National Geographic widget s60 v5 The National Geographic Society is one of the world's largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. Transfer the file into my E71 via cable or bluetooth and execute the file to install. The certification of some of the files may have expired, but you can overcome it by simply setting the time on your phone back to a few years.

No cracking is needed as I'm too lazy to crack my own phone. Most of the apps I listed should be easily found with the aid of google. QuickOffice came with my E71 from day 1 so it's free to me, though not upgradable. Hi Nat, Nokia articles have been discussed in the past but were never published unfortunately. Hopefully by the success of this post, Make Use Of may publish more Nokia related posts. Thanks Ars Nova for your the apps that you use. Some of them sound really good.

Free apps download for symbian s60v5 _ucweb.

If possible, could you provide download links to them as I can't find some of them in the Ovi Store. While it's true that the world in general is moving toward Apple and Android, Symbian does have relevance in the cell phone market. That said, I do wish it were more more competitive in bringing out new apps and features. I can live without most of the apps in the post except Google Map , but here are some I extensively use in my E AppQLaunch - not perfect, but if you are a fan of programs such as Launchy or Gnome-do, you will definitely love it.

A must for me JbakTaskManager - task manager will huge number of useful functions. And I was right, it is free http: All you have to do is download the newer version of Ovi Maps from the store and you will be good to go.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I did forget one app which is a really good music player. If you want internet radio, you have to install TuneWiki can download from the store. It uses Shoutcast services, so if you don't have much memory for all your music, just stream it.

Add also Qik, Shazam and Bolt as alternative browser. I didn't know about Fring, thanks. I understand Nokia made the GPS feature for free to models e72 and up. I have e71x, just my luck: Emoze, Gravity and Opera mini are must-haves. I also use: I don't agree on Opera Mini. Sure, it's fast, but while dragging the website through Opera's servers it often removes quite some functionality. I prefer Opera Mobile, which might be a little slower, but at least gives you all the normal functionality. I didn't like Opera browsers compared to the default browser.

I found the writing too small so I had to use my stylus.

The only thing I liked about it is the scroll rate. Opera's real strength is the compressing technology compared to the default browser.


Furthermore, isn't there an option for the font size? It's not the issue of the webpage having small text, it is the navigational keys. Fat fingers, touchscreen and small buttons make it hard to use. Pandora uses an extensive online database of expert music analysis, and helps you discover music based on your favorite songs and artists via hundreds of musical attributes. Dedicated to fans of new music, OurStage doesn't feature the plentiful back catalogs of Pandora or Last. FM , but it does a good job of showcasing new music from independent and major labels, and from unsigned bands as well.

The app then records your preferences and starts recommending music. Your favorites are also saved in a playlist. Mobbler is a great Last. FM client for your Symbian S60 mobile device and works with most newer Nokia phones, including the and the N97 Mini , and also with nontouchscreen smartphones like the E52 and E Mobbler streams music based on your Last. Mobbler also fetches high-quality album artwork during playback.

Nokia Internet Radio allows you to listen to Webcasts from around the world on your Symbian S60 phone. In the radio station directory, you can browse by genre, language, or country, or go with the most popular stations chosen by users. Nokia Internet Radio is tied in with the Nokia Music Store , so you can search the song currently playing and purchase it on your mobile.

The app offers dozens of radio channels to browse through, wrapped in an easy-to-use interface. The home screen is a simple list of available genres, which in turn display lists of active channels you can listen to.

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No offline storage on this one, but speedy playback compensates. You can choose stations based on your location, so that when you are in an unknown area you can use geolocation rather than scanning frequencies to find local stations around you. The app shines with easy navigation, and I wasn't bothered by the occasional graphics ads, although some people find them annoying. If you want to listen to your favorite FM radio broadcasts on your BlackBerry , then iheartradio could be for you.


The free app gives you access over 3G or Wi-Fi recommended networks to over U. You can bookmark preferred radio stations and tag songs by mood or tempo, say. Audiophiles will be happy to hear that all radio stations streamed through iheartradio come in high-quality AAC format.