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Works with RadioButtons.

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A selector can be an xml file created inside the drawable folder. Selector for different background colors. In the above code, each of the states is represented using item tag. The selector tag behaves like an if — else if statement to an extent. It checks every condition from top to bottom.

Whenever the condition matches, it sets the relevant things on the button and stops processing the next item tags. The third item tag is the default one.

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Keeping it at the top would not allow the other two item tags to get executed ever. We can set a different drawable image to be displayed based upon the state of the button.

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We can do so either by hardcoding in xml or getting the drawable dimensions programmatically and setting it over the button. ImageButton is the ideal View to be used when you need to display a drawable as the button background only since it fits the drawable appropriately. ImageButton comes with the android: We can change the text color on the button based on the state in the selector.

We need to use android: These xml files are created in the drawable folder too.

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The shape can be set to rectangle default , oval , ring , line. Just like selectors, we can set this on the android: Set this on the Button and the shape would change from rectangle to oval when the button is clicked. The code for the MainActivity. Try to make it editable, change to font color, font family, width, textSize etc and see the result.

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You can also try above example with multiple Button controls in one activity. We use cookies to provide and improve our services. By using our site, you consent to our Cookies Policy. Accept Learn more. Android - Button Control Advertisements.

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